It's Their Fault

Coming up tonight on Australian television is one of my favourites.

Well, it’s not really my favourite.

It’s a program that gives me plenty of evidence of what doesn’t work in life.

The show is “Married At First Sight”.

Three relationship “experts” match 20 people to be in a relationship with their “ideal” partner. 

That means there are 10 couples who want to get married.

Sounds pretty simple.

Aah, No.

You see, these 20 people have had much trouble finding and keeping a partner.

From 6 seasons past, to my knowledge (which is very limited), only one couple has succeeded.

And after watching 2 minutes of the show, it will be blatantly obvious as to why.

One lady on this season has a fear of her partner having an affair.

When asked how many times she has been in a relationship where her partner has cheated on her, she replies “7 times”.

It will be easy for her to blame the guys for this, and most do!

However, there is only one common denominator with all 7 relationships …

No, it’s not the guys!

It’s Her.

She has the problem.

Now, before you start screaming me down, I was in the same boat many years ago. I had four young ladies play up on me.

Not all at the same time J.

It was only when I fixed me and my attitude did things change.

Keeping my old beliefs about women and blaming them for my predicament only led to more of the same.

I was the common denominator.

If there is a negative pattern happening in your life, it’s time to recognise it and then begin to change it.

For me, I had to fix my self-esteem so I felt great about who I was.

If you want things to change, it’s up to you to take ownership of what is happening and research and work on achieving your ideal state.

You’ll be glad you did.

You’ve got this.

Make great things happen …