Developing Self-Confidence

Is Confidence Holding You Back?


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How to have Confidence is something we are never taught. We learn from our parents - and there is a good chance their way can be improved - and from the way we are treated. This course is different in that it teaches confidence from a common sense perspective. It gives you the skills required to have confidence in all areas of your life. Best of all, this course presents what Clive uses with his clients every day in a counselling situation.

Here is exactly what you will get with the course ...

Module 1: An Introduction

In this Module, you will receive an introduction to Confidence.

You will learn how Clive went from having no Confidence at school and in a working environment to now speaking to thousands of people.

In this Module, you will rate your level of Confidence and complete an exercise to identify why you don't feel confident. This gives you something to work on as we go through the course.

At the end, we will re-visit this exercise to see how you have progressed.

Module 2: Defining Confidence


In this Module you will learn:

      1. What is Confidence?
      2. Why don't we all have it?
      3. The 2 types of Confidence

... and why one is more important than the other.

Module 3: Gaining Confidence


We examine the two types of Confidence in depth.

We also start to define who you are.

What are your good traits?

What makes you a great person?

To help you out, Clive helps you define a great person and shows you what you have to do to become just like them.

You may be very surprised to learn you have many more traits than you first thought.

This is perhaps the most important exercise you can do.

Module 4: Having Unshakeable Confidence


This is the Module where we work on having the confidence to counteract the negative words and thoughts of others.

When people say things like "You're stupid", who this is a reflection on and how to simply dismiss it.

Learn how to take your power back so you feel great all the time.

Module 5: Eliminating Saboteurs


In this Module, we examine the things that hold you back from feeling Confident.

It could be:

      * Something you dislike about yourself.
      * A negative belief
      * Listening to the negative opinions of others
      * Being fearful
      * Second guessing yourself
      * Being teased/degraded/embarrassed
      * Losing or failing

All these things affect your Confidence.

The questions is asked (and answered) "Can you have too much confidence?"

Module 6: What Comes First?


Most people confuse Confidence with Performance. If I perform well, I will feel confident.

Problem is, it just may take a long time to perform well to get your confidence up.

There is a far better way - and we discuss it in this model so you can regain you confidence quickly.

Module 7: An Update


This is the Module where we return to the first Module and re-answer the exercises on Confidence.

This allows you to see your progress.

If you are not progressing, there are some simple reasons why.


As this is an important course, I am including some special bonuses:

Bonus 1:  A relaxation session reinforcing all the key points of the course.

This allows those points to be embedded deep into your subconscious mind.

You can play the tape on going to bed, when you arise or any time during the day.


Bonus 2: You will also have access to this course in an ongoing way.

When it gets updated in the future, you will have full access to the updates.

This means you can come back to the course any time you like and do a revision.


Bonus 3: A comprehensive Workbook


Bonus 4: An audio program of the Course.

You receive the audio component as a bonus which means you can listen to it in the car,
whilst exercising or travelling in a plane.

This is the first product I have done this.

My Personal Guarantee To You ...

Give "Developing Self Confidence" Course a go for a full 30 days. If it doesn't meet your expectations or you are not getting the result you desire, let me know before the 30th day is up and I will refund your money in full. After all, I only want you keeping this course if you are getting a result. 

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