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Parenting is something we are never taught. We learn from our parents - and there is a good chance their way can be improved. This course is different in that it teaches parenting from a common sense perspective. It gives you the skills required to raise well-adjusted children who are able to succeed in life. Best of all, this course presents what Clive and Julie successfully use themselves and when working with parents.

Here is exactly what you will get with the course ...

Module 1: An Introduction

In this Module, you will receive an introduction to the course, to Clive & Julie and to parenting.

Then, you will begin to learn about the 9 Steps to being a Successful Parent ...

Step 1: Start With The End In Mind

In this first Step, you will identify how you want your child to turn out.

What are the best goals to set and what are the ones that many set that produce a bad result.

This is a critical exercise as you learn what you want for your child.

Once you know how you would like your child to turn out, the rest becomes a lot easier.

Step 2: Your Role As A Parent

It is important for you to identify your role as a parent so you can stick to what you want to achieve.

In this step, you will learn:

* What children want from their parents, and

* What is best for your children.

Step 3: Get Their Programming Right

In order to mentor/teach your child, it is important to know how their mind processes information.

Your mind is like a computer. What you put in, is what you get out.

Children learn from what they see and hear as well as from they are taught. Many parents unknowingly teach their children unwanted traits that affects the children in a negative way.

In this Step, you will learn:

* How your mind works

* How the child's mind develops and the best way to work with it.

* The traits you can unknowingly pass on.

* The 6 Rules of Mind that are essential to know.

This Step is important as it outlines important information like how the child's mind works.

Step 4: Mentoring Is The Key

This is one of the most important Steps as it outlines 9 Keys that are essential to know.

Keys like:

* Be Consistent and Persistent.

* Have fun

* Be their parent - not their friend.

* The first key is super important and a must to get right.

Step 5: Get Your Message Across Effectively

This Step talks about communication and how important it is to get your message across effectively.

You will learn:

* What should you and should you not tell your children.

* The effect of body language.

* The art of listening - and how to do it effectively.

* Should you lecture your child?

* The art of thinking for oneself!

* Experience is the best teacher.

* Monkey see - Monkey do!

* Why do children tell lies?

* Key words to avoid - some you will be using, like "try".

Step 6: What You Eat Is What You Become

Food and drink play a large part in the way you think, perform and behave.

Learn the foods and drinks to consume and the ones to avoid. 

A large part of why many children misbehave is to do with their diet.

This Step gives you some tips on how to get it right.

Step 7: Effective Discipline

This is the Step we are most asked about. "How do we effectively discipline our children?"

There are simple ways to do it and we cover these in this Step.

In this Step you will learn:

* What is the function of discipline?

* How to identify if you are getting it wrong?

* Why do children misbehave - besides "because they can!"

* The sequence to children knowing what to do and being able to predict outcomes.

* How to take your power back.

This is a large Step with plenty of examples of how to discipline right.

Step 8: Learning Affects Confidence

Learning plays a large part in a child's life. There are ways to make learning easy and enjoyable.

When learning is difficult, the child usually has learning blockages which in turn affects their confidence and self esteem.

In this Step, you will learn:

* How children develop learning blockages.

* The two hemispheres of the brain and their function.

* Ways to overcome learning blockages.

* ADD and ADHD - what they are and ways to overcome them.

Step 9: Sort Yourself Out

Children are great at pushing your buttons. They soon learn what works and what doesn't.

This Step teaches you to become the best person you can. This has a number of advantages:

* You Feel happy - so people around you feel happy.

* You become a great role model for your children.

* When your children attempt to push your buttons and it no longer works, they will cease to do it.


In today's society, many relationships breakup and the parents usually enter a relationship with another person.

This can be very difficult as one partner has children and they all have to fit in. There can be conflict:

* Between the the partners.

* Between the children - especially if both partners have them.

* On the best ways to parent.

* On who is allowed to do what.

This Module deals with the complexities of being in a step-parenting relationship.

Learn what it takes to get it right so everyone is happy.

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