Getting Over An Ex

A relationship breakup can be very debilitating.

In many situations, one of the partners is told the relationship is over. It is a complete surprise to them.

This may occur because the other partner has "fallen out of love", no longer chooses to be in a relationship or has found someone else whom they want to be with.

This can leave the remaining partner feeling rejected and devastated.

Depression can quickly follow and may last for years. They may even feel so helpless they want to take their own life.

Having been rejected out of relationships many times (and mostly for his partner to be with someone else), Clive became tired of hitting rock bottom emotionally. 

After his last big breakup, he decided to study the power of the mind and became qualified to help others take control of their life.

Through working with clients one-on-one, he discovered ways to help himself and them to quickly deal with the devastation.

Clive has been in a relationship with his wife, Julie, for 28 years.

This shows he knows what works and what doesn't in real life situations.

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